I am from Italy, so my choice of clinic was easy. The Alvi Armani clinic is very well known in Italy as the best Hair transpant clinic in the business, most known for their hairlines, which was the area of the head I was most concerned with. So my choice of clinic was pretty straight forward.

I have taken a bunch of photos to document my experience, please look below.

The Doctor and staff did a wonderful job on my hairline, everything went exactly as explained to me, and the result was as good as promised.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Here is a quick comparison photo of how I looked the morning of the procedure and one year after the follicular unit hair transplant procedure. Obviously the photo o nthe right is the after photos!! The differene is stunning isn't it?? Keep reading t osee more photos of my result.

1 Year Result

Here are my 1 year photos. I have grown my hair out a bit and spiked up the hairline, I love it! I seriously look like I am a hair model or someone from a magazine, its amazing what a full head of hair can do. My hairline is perfect, I'm very happy with it.

7 month results

Here is a quick snapshot of how my hair looks at 7 months after my procedure. 7 months after my surgery. It is gettign thicker and thick each month. Its really thick now.

6 Month Result

Here is how I look at 6 months. The hair is much more stylable now and I seemingly have more hair each week! I am loving my result. I am currently at 50% growth, so I have more thickening and growth to come. Delighted!

4 month photo

Four months after my surgery here is how I look. The hairline is really taking shape and I am seeing more growth everyday. I am already very happy with the way my new hair has changed my look, and things have just started. This is exilerating!

Immediately after surgery

Here are photos of me right aftert the procedure, the work looks pretty clean and I like the hairline design. Wish me luck!!

Before Photos

My before photos, and the reason I wanted to get a procedure done. I was tired of looking at my receeded hairline and so tired of shaving my head. My hair was making me look so much older then I was.

The goal of the procedure was to lower the hairline so it gives me more of a youthful look, and to fill in as much of the top with density as possible.